Immersion Tours

ACPA provides the international student an edge to realize the dream of attending a top tier university in the United States.

wisdom“Travel to foreign countries is an education that once experienced, can never be taken away”

The leadership of American College Preparatory Academy believes that travel and studies abroad are an essential part of a student’s education.  During their high school experience at ACPA, students will have numerous opportunities to learn through travel. Our students will visit the major cities of the United States and experience cultural events in each one. Additionally, our students will participate in a Global Leadership Summit in which they will meet with and problem solve alongside of, top students from around the world. They will also work on fluency in English, participate in SAT, ACT and TOEFL preparation  courses and meet with high school and college admissions personnel.

American College Preparatory Academy….

Can help you realize your dream of attending college in America at a price you can afford!

Now is the time to travel, acquire language skills, get individualized college placement and begin the adventure and experience you often dream of!


Serving Students Nationwide

American College Preparatory Academy was born to serve the international student in a manner that is healthy for the entire child academically, socially, psychologically and even spiritually. By combining the latest in technology and communication with educational expertise and individual college guidance we serve the student and family in a manner that is healthy and cost effective. While an international student in a boarding school situation will incur a cost of $40,000 to $50,000 per year.  Students at American College Prep will pay less than $15,000. At the same time they will be working through academically challenging course work, with top teachers, gaining language fluency and traveling to the US in off-peak seasons for tours of top colleges. The money these families save can be used for their undergrad and graduate level education.