ACPA Academics

World Class Curriculum

American College Preparatory Academy has partnered with one of the best curriculum developers in the world to offer an extensive suite of rigorous high school coursework

American College Preparatory Academy has joined forces with one of the leading curriculum providers in the world to bring top-tier education to students worldwide. What makes the ACPA program so powerful? Experience, Relationships and Technology.

For the last hundred years the educational paradigm in America has made high quality teaching and learning available only to the financially elite. The very best college preparatory schools in America can cost between $40,000 and $60,000 per year. But 21st century technology changes everything! By combining our educational resources, experience and technology, ACPA can bring that college prep experience to students throughout the world for less than $11,000.

Experience matters. We recognize that the best education is not just about books and coursework. Education that makes a difference involves building positive relationships between teachers and students. The ACPA administrative team has an average of 30 years of experience in teaching, mentoring and leading students in their quest for a premium US college acceptance. The ACPA guidance team has placed over 2000 students into top ranked colleges throughout America.

All ACPA teachers are US certified and trained in online instruction. They use curriculum rooted in research-based instructional design and they are accredited by AdvancED and ISTE. However that is not the best part of the story. The truth is that our teachers specialize in making a connection with each of their students. ACPA teachers connect with their students regularly via phone calls, text messages, emails and other types of communication to provide direct instruction and any additional clarification.

Finally, ACPA offers over 400 nationally approved courses including 100 core subject area courses. Our team brings more than 50 years of curriculum development and delivery experience to your student at a time and a place best suited for your student’s needs.

With more than 100 core classes and more than 400 elective classes to choose from our students are free to explore courses and areas of study not available in a traditional school setting.

Our teachers assist our students not only with course content but in helping each student to set high standards for themselves in academic mastery and intellectual growth. ACPA also believes that service, leadership skills and integrity are all essential components in a student’s education.

The staff at ACPA actively encourages students to take part in serving their community through volunteer opportunities and outreach programs. When we seek to improve the world we live in, we improve our own lives as well.