About ACPA

The administrative team at ACPA has an average of 25 years experience in teaching, guiding and successfully placing students in top colleges and universities throughout the United States.

High School Students Hanging Out On Campus

At ACPA we understand that for an international student to be accepted into a great college, and to thrive once he gets there, four components must be addressed. These are:

  1. An academically rigorous and fully accredited high school education is a must.
  2. English language fluency is critical to understanding and communication.
  3. Cultural awareness and acclimation is a key function for success.
  4. Individualized college guidance and placement is essential.

American College Prep excels at offering all four key components.

Not every family can afford to send their student to the US for his high school education.  It is also true that not every student is emotionally and socially mature enough to leave home and travel around the world at the age of 14 or 15.

American College Prep was created to be a cost effective alternative to a US boarding school for a student’s high school years.  ACPA’s innovative approach also offers a solution that allows our students to be better prepared academically, emotionally, spiritually and socially for a fantastic US college experience.

Come along with ACPA and let us help make your dreams a reality!

American College Preparatory Academy has assembled a core of highly experienced educators who believe that every child needs an education in order to discover and develop their talents and passions.


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